Parts for sale

I have finally picked up some of the original used parts that will not be part of the restoration. I posted some of the parts on the site for sale with the prices on them. Of course all prices are negotiable as the goal is to create space in my garage (and keep peace in the family!). Take a look at the parts, if you have questions or would like to purchase some (or hopefully all), contact me on the parts page.

Peek into my interests

The picture represents an overlap of two of my passions, Ford vehicles and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I love the history of both in different ways. As an all Ford family (currently 6, more for another post) this site is primarily about hotrods, current or aged.

I am currently restoring a 1934 Ford Tudor sedan and will be documenting the progress on this site as it develops. This particular Ford has been in our family for over fifty years. It is the quintessential streetrod restoration with a modern front suspension and Ford Mustang 5.0 among other updates. Stay tuned for a complete history and build description.